Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Install and Configure SharePoint Server 2013 step by step

In this blog post I am covering all basic required steps of SharePoint 13 installation. And have divided this in 4 parts.

1) Install Windows Server 2012 and Active Directory configuration.

2) Install SQL Server 2012.

3) Install and configure SharePoint Server 2013 .

4) Configure SharePoint Server Service Applications

5) Create your first web application on SharePoint Server 2013.

Installation and configuration of Windows Server and SQL server have done more specific to build SharePoint Server farm prospective.

For example, Permissions given to Service accounts during installation of windows server. Installation of SQL server and SharePoint Server have done by specific service account.

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Create Web Application on SharePoint Server 2013

This blog post is specially for SharePoint beginners. If you have read my previous blog about SharePoint Server 13 installation and configuration. This blog is about creating web application and creating site collection.

So let’s open SharePoint Central Administration Page.

Navigate to Manage Web Applications >> Click on New

IIS web site name : <Enter name>

Select Port : ( I don’t have any web application created before, So it’s taking port 80)



Application Pool Name : <Enter name>

note : I am going to create Team Site under this web application, So I’ve given TeamSite name to Application name and 80 to remember this application pool is on port 80.




Content Database name : I’ve added _80 to differentiate in Content database.


We can select Service Application those will be connected to web application we are creating.


Click on OK to create web application. This will take few seconds.

Once the web applicaiton is created. Go to Application Management >> Create Site Collection

Select Web Application which was just created.

Title : <Enter name>


Select Template : Team Site

Select Experience Version : 2013

Primary site collection administrator : spadmin


note : primary and secondary admin have full permission on site collection.

click on Ok.

Visit just created Team site collection.


Give permissions to Active Directory users to site collection.

Navigate to Site Contents which is on left panel of the Team Site.


Again go to Settings


People and groups

Add new user to Team site members this group has contribute permission Type >> NT Authority\authenticated users


Go to home page by clicking on Team site link and sign in with different user.


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Monday, December 24, 2012

Install and Configure SharePoint Server 2013 Step by Step


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In previous post we’ve installed SQL Server 2012, Now for SharePoint installation I’ve logged in with SPAdmin

account, and also have created one more account for which will have administrator rights on SharePoint farm i.e. svcSPFarm.

1) Download : SharePoint Server 2013

2) Mount ISO file. and start installation process.


Before starting installation SharePoint Server, need to install software prerequisites.

So click on Install software prerequisites.

Note : you need active internet connection.Because it downloads updates from Microsoft Download Center.


Accept and terms and licence agreement and go next.


Once installation of Prerequisite is done. Click on Install SharePoint Server


Enter product key and Continue.

Accept Terms and Continue.

Keep Path of Server as it is and click on Install Now


This will install SharePoint Server on your machine.


Next step is to Run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard


By clicking on Close button, Wizard will run. If you want to run it later you can find it in start menu.


Click on Next.


Click on Yes.


Select Create a new server farm. and click Next

Enter Database server name (Server name on which SQL Server is installed).

Username : zsdev\svcSPFarm (which I’ve created in Active Directory) This Service Account will have full access on

SharePoint Config Database

Password : (Password set for svcSPFarm account)


SP13 is the server name where SQL Server is installed. click Next

Enter Passphrase. and don’t forget it. because next time when you will need to reconfigure farm at the time of update installation. It will ask you for Passphrase.


Specify Central Administration Portal port. you can change it if you want.

keep authentication provider : NTLM


I’ve change port number to 1111 from 17685.


Click Next.


and Configuration is completed.


Click on Finish button. This will open Central Admin web page.


Click on Cancel button for SharePoint Configuration Farm. It will redirect you to Central Administration.


Here it is complete SharePoint Server Configuration.


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Installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Step by Step

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2) Create  a user in Active directory and name it svcSQL. (Add User to Active Directory Blog post).

3) Add user SPAdmin to local administrator group which was created in last blog post.

   To Add user to Administrators group : Go to : Server Manager >> Tools >> Active Directory Users and Computers

   Then Click on Builtin OU and look for Administrators group, double click on that and jump on Members tab and Add SPAdmin

   user to it’s members. that’s it.

   Insert SQL Server 2012 media and start installation.

4) Click on Installation link.

Installation Tab
5) Click on New SQL Server stand alone installation.

6) Click Ok.

7) Enter product key or select free edition and click Next.

8)  Accept the License terms.

9) If you want to you can install updates or skip by uncheck select box and click Next.

10) Again click Next.

11) Select SQL Server Feature Installation and click Next.

12) Select Database engine, SQL Server Replication, Full -Text and Semantic  Extractions for Search,

      Data Quality Service, Analysis Services, Reporting Services – Native, Reporting Services – SharePoint,
      Management Tools – Basic and Complete both. and click Next.

13) If it gives 0 warnings, Click Next.

14) Keep default instance and click Next.

      again click Next.

15) Now I’ve created three service account in Active directory named
    • SQL Server Database Engine : svcSQL
    • SQL Server Agent : svcSQLAgent
    • SQL Server Analysis Service : svcSQLAnalysis


      Click Next.

16) Select Mixed Mode SQL Server authentication and put password for sa account.

      Click Add Current User button to add current user as SQL Server admin


       Click Next.

17) Enter svcSQLAnalysis service account as admin for Analysis service access. and go Next.


18) Select Install Only option for Reporting service and go Next.


19)  go Next.

20) go Next.

21) Click install button to finish.


and the installation of SQL server is done.

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Windows Server 2012 Server Installation and Active Directory Configuration

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Windows Server Installation

Note : For this blog post I’ve installed Windows Server 2012 Datacenter x64 bit on Hyper-V

1) Download : Windows Server 2012 download
2) Start installation by booting from CD or DVD
    Select Time and currency format, I’ve selected English (India)

Time Currency Formate

Click on Install


Select “Windows Server 2012 Datacenter (Server with a GUI) x64


Accept the licence terms
select “Custom : Install windows only (Advanced)”


Click Next


Installation process will start


Machine will reboot couple of times between installation.
Enter Password for default account Administrator.


Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to sign in


Change the name of Server

Go to System properties, Right click on Computer >> Properties and select "Change Settings”


Click on Change button under Computer Name tab.


Give name to Computer, I’ve given SP13 as I am going to use this machine for SharePoint 13 installation.


After this you will have to restart machine to apply changes.

Configure Active Directory

Once the machine restarted, you will see Server manager is already open. Click on Add roles and features


Click Next


Select Role base or feature-based installation option and click Next.


Select Server from the Server pool  and click Next.


Select check box option “Active Directory Domain Services”


after selecting option we will have to add prerequisite features for AD services.
Click on Add features.


Click Next


Click Install button.
After installation don’t close the windows. we need to promote this server to domain controller.
Click on “promote this server to domain controller”.


Select option “Add a new forest” and enter fully qualified domain name. I’ve put “zsdev.com”.


Keep Forest functional level and Domain functional level to  “Windows Server 2012”.


put password for Directory Service Restore Mode.  And Click Next.


again Click Next.


keep the same NetBIOS domain name and click on Next button.


You can change Database folder, log and Sysvol path. i will keep as it is. and click Next.


Review your selection and click on Next button. and  Begin Install.
Machine will restart after installation and ask your domain credentials to sign in.


Add User to Active Directory

Open Server Manager >> Tools >> Active Directory Users and Computers.


and Create Organization Unit  by clicking on domain name >> New >> Organizational Unit  name it Accounts.
Right click on Accounts >> New >> Users.


Don’t forget to uncheck “Users must change Password at next login”
and  Check “Password never expires”.


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